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Linscott's Directory has been connecting biotech researchers with reagent suppliers since 1980. Our search engine will help you find antibody suppliers for thousands of specific antibodies. Plus locate sources for ELISA assay kits, cytokines, enzymes, recombinant proteins, siRNAs, tissues, organs, custom antibody services and more. We currently have more than 2,000,000 different listings in our antibody section, and more than 1,500,000 listings of other products and services available from hundreds of different commercial and governmental sources worldwide, and more are being added each week. Use this excellent resource to connect directly to the companies and institutions that provide the products and services you need.

What’s New in Our Antibody Products Directory

New Antibodies, Antigens, Assays & More

As we begin 2024, most of our listed suppliers have completely updated their product listings in the Directory. That means many thousands of brand new antibodies and other reagents, and many new sources for everyday products you may need.
Especially noteworthy is the fact that we are listing more and more recombinant antibodies from more sources. With the benefits of their specificity, reproducibility, and "renewability", recombinant antibodies are rapidly becoming valuable research tools with a broad range of applications. Linscott's Directory currently has over 50,000 listings of recombinant antibodies, and more are being added all the time (in the Directory's antibody search engine, enter your search term and then select "Recombinant" from the Host Species drop down menu to refine your results and see any recombinant/chimeric options).
In addition to the many new products included in the Directory, we are pleased to welcome these new suppliers as well:






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2024-02-01 16:07:09

New Products and New Suppliers

Our listed suppliers continue to roll out new products every month. In addition to more and more antibodies, antigens and assays for SARS-CoV-2 research, we have added thousands of new recombinant antibodies and other proteins, conjugated secondary antibodies, protease inhibitors, ELISA kits and contract custom services.
We are also pleased to announce the recent addition of these new suppliers in Linscott's Directory:



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2023-01-23 16:05:29

More SARS (COVID-19) Research Reagents

As our suppliers update their product listings for the new year, there are more and more products available for researching the SARS Coronavirus and its mutations. The first reagents for studying the Omicron variant (B.1.1.529) have just been added to the Directory, and more are on the way. We also have a number of sources offering a variety of research products related to the Delta variant (B.1.617.2).
Along with these very topical virus-related products, our suppliers are also adding thousands of other brand new antibodies, antigens, assays, custom services and more every week. Please use the Antibodies or Other Products search windows above to find suppliers of the research products you need.

2021-12-11 02:11:51

What are people saying about the Directory?

...congratulations on putting together an extremely valuable research aid. I cannot tell you the number of times I have used your directory nor how many investigators I have told about it.

Elizabeth A. Wayner, Ph.D.
Head, Antibody Development Laboratory
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

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