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Antigenic SpecificityIFN gamma
Host SpeciesMouse
Reactive Specieshuman
FormatProtein G purified
Size100 µl
Concentration1 mg/ml
ApplicationsELISA, WB
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DescriptionInterferon Gamma (IFNG) Antibody. Interferon gamma (IFN gamma) is a pro-inflammatory cytokine that is central in host resistance to infection. It is mainly produced by natural killer cells and CD4+ and CD8+ T cells, its receptors are found on nearly all cells, where it activates diverse responses that enable potential host cells to prevent invasive infection by bacteria, parasites and viruses. Takayanagi et al. (2000) demonstrated that IFN gamma strongly suppresses osteoclastogenesis by interfering with the RANKL (602642)-RANK (603499) signaling pathway. Tsubota et al. (1999) reported that this upregulation in Sjogren syndrome patients may be controlled by interferon gamma through the activation of transcription factor NFKB.
ImmunogenPurified recombinant fragment of human IFN-gamma expressed in E. Coli.
Other NamesIFG; IFI; IFNG; IFN gamma; IFN-gamma (Interferon gamma) Human; Human Ifn-Gamma; MAB TO HUMAN IFN-GAMMA; Interferon Gamma; MAB TO INTERFERON GAMMA; IFN-γ
Gene, Accession #IFNG, Gene ID: 3458, UniProt: P01579
Catalog #abx011002
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