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Antigenic SpecificityGFP Nanobody Affinity Gel
Host Speciesn/a
Reactive Speciesn/a
Formatnanobody-agarose conjugate
Size1 mL
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Green fluorescent protein (GFP) was originally identified as a protein involved in bioluminescence, which is from the jellyfish Aequorea victoria. It is widely used as a fluorescent indicator for monitoring gene expression in a variety of cellular systems, including living organisms and fixed tissues. Unlike other bioluminescent reporters, GFP fluoresces without the need for exogenous substrates or cofactors, or other intrinsic or extrinsic proteins. This makes GFP a useful tool for monitoring gene expression and protein localization in vivo. Purified GFP is a 27 kD monomer consisting of 238 amino acids and emits green light (emission maximum at 509 nm) when excited with blue or UV light.

Nanobodies are heavy chain only, single-domain antibodies, that lack the presence of light chains. These are typically derived from members of the Camelidae family that include llamas and camels. Their variable region (VHH) is the smallest antigen-binding fragment found in a natural antibody, and nanobodies are the smallest (about 15 kD) naturally occuring immunoglobins. Further, nanobodies are stable, and can bind antigens with high affinity. Experimentally, nanobodies have been applied in WB, IF, and IP. In IP/WB applications, nanobodies can avoid IgG heavy/light chain issues that occur when using regular antibodies.

Other NamesGreen fluorescent protein, GFP
Gene, Accession #n/a
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