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Antigenic SpecificityGli-1
Host SpeciesRabbit
Reactive Specieshuman
Size50 µl
ApplicationsWestern Blot (WB)
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DescriptionPurified anti-Gli-1. This gene encodes a protein which is a member of the Kruppel family of zinc finger proteins. The function of this gene has not been determined; however, it may play a role in normal development gene transcription. The Gli transcription factors constitute the final effectors of the Hedgehog signalling pathway, which is critical to vertebrate development. Mouse mutation studies indicate possible involvement in human foregut malformation. In addition, both the Ras and Transforming Growth Factor Beta pathways also stimulate and/or induce Gli1 and Gli2 activity independently of Hedgehog ligands.
ImmunogenSynthetic peptide
Other NamesZinc finger protein GLI1, Glioma-associated oncogene
Gene, Accession #Gene ID: 2735
Catalog #642401
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