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Antigenic SpecificityIntegrin alpha 2
Host SpeciesRabbit
Reactive Specieshuman, mouse, rat
FormatProtein A purified
Size50 ul
ApplicationsFC, ICC, IF, IHC-P, IP, WB
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DescriptionRabbit polyclonal antibody to Integrin alpha 2
Immunogenrecombinant protein
Other NamesGPIa, ITGA2, BR, CD 49b, CD49 antigen like family member B, CD49 antigen-like family member B, CD49b, CD49b antigen, Collagen receptor, DX5, Glycoprotein Ia deficiency included, GP Ia, GP Ia deficiency, included, GPIa, HPA 5 included, HPA5 included, Human platelet alloantigen system 5, Integrin alpha 2, Integrin alpha-2, Integrin, alpha 2 (CD49B alpha 2 subunit of VLA 2 receptor), ITA2, ITGA2, Platelet alloantigen Br(a), included, Platelet antigen Br, Platelet glycoprotein GPIa, Platelet glycoprotein Ia, Platelet glycoprotein Ia/IIa, Platelet membrane glycoprotein Ia, Platelet receptor for collagen, deficiency of, included, Very late activation protein 2 receptor alpha 2 subunit, VLA 2 alpha chain, VLA 2, VLA 2 subunit alpha, VLA-2 subunit alpha, VLA2, VLA2 receptor alpha 2 subunit, VLAA2,
Gene, Accession #UniProt: P17301
Catalog #orb650069
Price$510 / €435 / £300
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Product Specific Referencesn/a
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