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Antigenic SpecificityEstrogen Receptor beta
Host SpeciesRabbit
Reactive Specieshuman
Formataffinity purified
Size100ug (30ul sample)
ApplicationsIHC, WB
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DescriptionMonoclonal antibody for ESTROGEN RECEPTOR BETA/ESR2 detection. Host: Rabbit.Size: 100ug/vial. Tested applications: IHC, WB. Reactive species: Human ESTROGEN RECEPTOR BETA/ESR2 information: Molecular Weight: 59216 MW; Subcellular Localization: Nucleus ; Tissue Specificity: Isoform beta-1 is expressed in testis and ovary, and at a lower level in heart, brain, placenta, liver, skeletal muscle, spleen, thymus, prostate, colon, bone marrow, mammary gland and uterus. Also found in uterine bone, breast, and ovarian tumor cell lines, but not in colon and liver tumors. Isoform beta-2 is expressed in spleen, thymus, testis and ovary and at a lower level in skeletal muscle, prostate, colon, small intestine, leukocytes, bone marrow, mammary gland and u
ImmunogenA synthesized peptide derived from human Estrogen Receptor beta
Other NamesEstrogen receptor beta;ER-beta;Nuclear receptor subfamily 3 group A member 2;ESR2;ESTRB, NR3A2;
Gene, Accession #ESR2, UniProt: Q92731
Catalog #M00786-1
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