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Antigenic SpecificityHuman Prostatic Acid Phosphatase (PAP)
Host SpeciesMouse
Reactive Specieshuman
FormatProtein G purified
Size0.1 mg
ApplicationsFlow Cytometry (FC/FACS), CELISA
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DescriptionSpecificity: anti-human PAP (PAcP, ACPP). Background: Human prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP) is a non-specific phosphomonoesterase, synthesised and secreted into seminal plasma under androgenic control. Human PAP is a 100 kDa glycoprotein containing two subunits of approximately 50 kDa each (1,2). It catalyses the dephosphorylation of organic monophosphate esters, demonstrating optimum activity at an acid pH. Produced by the prostatic epithelium, serum levels of PAP are very low in healthy individuals, but are often elevated in malignant and benign prostatic disease while it has been used as a marker of diagnosis and therapy control of cancer of the prostate gland (3).
ImmunogenImmunogen: Immunogen: cDNA
Other Names[prostatic acid phosphatase isoform PAP; prostatic acid phosphatase; TMPase; 5'-nucleotidase; ecto-5'-nucleotidase; thiamine monophosphatase; prostatic acid phosphotase; acid phosphatase, prostate; 5'-nucleotidase (EC:; 5'-NT; Ecto-5'-nucleotidase; Thiamine monophosphatase; TMPase], [ACPP; ACPP; ACP3; 5'-NT; ACP-3; PAP; 5'-NT; TMPase]
Gene, Accession #Gene ID: 55, NCBI: NP_001090.2, UniProt: P15309
Catalog #MBS468044
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Product Specific ReferencesOstrowski WS, Kuciel R (1994). Human prostatic acid phosphatase: selected properties andpractical applications. Clin Chim Acta 226(2):121-9Bilhartz DL, Tindall DJ, Oesterling JE (1991). Prostate-specific antigen and prostatic acidphosphatase: biomolecular and physiologic characteristics. Urology 38(2):95-102Veeramani S, Yuan TC, Chen SJ, Lin FF, Petersen JE, Shaheduzzaman S, Srivastava S,MacDonald RG, Lin MF (2005). Cellular prostatic acid phosphatase: a protein tyrosinephosphatase involved in androgen-independent proliferation of prostate cancer. Endocr RelatCancer 12(4):805-22
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