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Product NameMajor Proglucagon Fragment ELISA
DescriptionThe Ansh Labs' Major Proglucagon Fragment (MPGF) enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kit, a quantitative three-step sandwich immunoassay, provides materials for the quantitative measurement of MPGF in EDTA plasma and other biological fluids. Same day results with total 2.5 hour incubation at RT. Measures MPGF at 100% and non-detectable for Glucagon, GLP-1, GLP-2, GRPP, Insulin or C-Peptide. Sensitive to 0.003 ng/mL; analytical measurable range of 0.05-3 ng/mL allows for accurate quantitations. Sample size of 25 µL for human, no extraction needed, no special collection tube required. Ansh Labs, located just south of Houston Texas, is an FDA registered manufacturer of diagnostic test kits, antibodies, antigens, and proteins. Our scientists are experts in immunoassay development and have developed some of the most challenging hormone assays helping to advance research and clinical diagnostics in reproductive function, growth disorders, metabolism, and more.
Size96-well (12x8 removable strips) microtiter plate ELISA
Other Namesassay, EIA, kit, immunoassay, enzyme immunoassay
Gene, Accession, CAS #n/a
Catalog #AL-175
Priceplease inquire
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445 Medical Center Blvd
Webster TX 77598
P: 281.404.0260

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