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Aviva Systems Biology: An Original Manufacturer

Aviva Systems Biology Corporation is a growing proteomic biotech company with a specialization in antibodies, recombinant proteins, and ELISA Kits. Unlike other companies, we design, manufacture, and validate our own products. 

Our head office is in San Diego, CA, where our lab maintains ISO 13485, CAP, and CLIA accreditation. We also have an office in Beijing, China. Both locations work together to provide scientific support to researchers globally.

All Aviva products have been through vigorous validations. We guarantee their use on verified applications as indicated on our website and publications.

All Aviva products have been through vigorous validations and carry 100% satisfaction warranty. We guarantee their use on verified applications as indicated on Aviva's website and publications. Aviva customers may receive a product refund if performance of our product is inconsistent with our statements.

Find validated Antibodies and Recombinant Proteins by your Research Area.

Find high sensitive and reproducible ELISA Kits by your Research Area.

Need higher sensitivity? Looking to increase your protein's expression?

Aviva’s team has over 30 years of experience in developing, validating, and producing protein assays. Let us be your one-stop shop for any proteomic need. Visit us at www.avivasysbio.com for more information.

Ongoing Promotions

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Top Products
Aviva's antibodies have been cited in over 2,000 publications and are currently on sale for $215 for a limited time.

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Resources and Tools
AVIVA SYSTEMS BIOLOGY CORP. Download Free Pathway Posters


Pathways include cell cycle, WNT signaling, axon guidance, Hepatitis C, MAPK, Jak-STAT and more.BLAST your protein sequence with one of the world's largest antibody catalog!
To assist our customers, Aviva now provides a mechanism to search products by simply providing us with a protein sequence. This blast algorithm will create a report displaying the percentage homology associating Aviva's antibody and your sequence. Have too many sequences? No problem, send us them in a spreadsheet and we'll take care of the rest.

Species Reactivity Search Tool
Aviva uses computational homology to display other relevant species associated with the antigen sequence. By doing so, we have now been able to re-evaluate the species homology of over 8,000 antibodies.  So far, we have found over 5,000 species associated with our antibodies.

ELISA Tips & Tricks: Improve your ELISA Kit Results with our scientists' tips!
5754 Pacific Center Blvd, #201
San Diego CA 92121
P: 858-552-6979
P: 888-880-0001
F: 858-552-6975

Tech Support: techsupport@avivasysbio.com


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