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ABOUT BioVIsion Inc.

Assay kitsBioVision, Inc. strives hard to provide innovative, high quality Assay kits for studying Apoptosis, Metabolism, Cell Proliferation & Cytotoxicity, Cellular Damage and Oxidative Stress, Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolic SyndromeEpigenetics, Stem Cell BiologySignal Transduction and Signaling Pathways etc. 

Antibodies & Supporting Tools: BioVision has recently expanded its selection of primary antibodies and their corresponding blocking peptides to encompass the majority of areas of current research interest. We also offer a selection of phospho-specific antibodies, secondary (HRP-conjugated) antibodies, as well as, tag, marker,loading control antibodies, full range of fluorescent protein detection antibodies, recombinant Protein A/G/L/AG/AGL (as proteins, sepharose beads, magnetic beads and pre-filled column forms).

Proteins: Proteins act as important tools for scientists in studying biological mechanisms and discovering cell function. BioVision is proud to offer a fleet of native proteins and recombinant proteins from numerous sources including plasma, bacterial cells, insect cells, mammalian cells, yeast, human cells and even animal free origin. We also house numerous Animal free origin (AFO) recombinant proteins and enzymes. Each of these sources offers some advantages over the other.

Exosome Research: Exosomes are small endosome derived lipid nanoparticles (50-120 nm in diameter), actively secreted by exocytosis in most living cells. BioVision offers variety of exosome products from isolation tools, quantification kits, exosome standards, to exosome antibodies for your research.

ELISA kits: We also offer many ELISA kits for cancer research, Biomarkers, Epigenetic research, immunology, toxicity research, phosphorylated proteins, stem cell research and many more.

Specialties: Assay kits, Antibodies, Cytokines, Growth Factors & Hormones, Cell fractionation kits, Fluorescent proteins, Protein extraction & purification, Recombinant proteins & Enzymes, Enzyme inhibitors, Biochemicals, Protein A/G/L & affinity conjugates etc.

Our Protein A and Protein G Resins have higher binding capacity and specificity, higher flow rate, minimum leaching of the ligand as well as the best prices!!!! These Protein A and G Resins can be regenerated and reused multiple times and are available in several convenient pack sizes.


Huge discount on bulk orders!!!!


To place an order, please call our customer service line at 408-493-1800 or go to You can also email your request to For bulk order inquiries, contact


 BioVision’s products are currently being sold in more than 60 countries worldwide.

BioVision Catalog


> 11900 Products

> 650 Assay Kits

> 3100 Recombinant Proteins

> 2400 Antibodies

> 523 Blocking Peptides

> 3776 Biochemicals

> 779 Miscallaneous products (including Exosome research products) 

- And More


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                  > 150 ASSAY KITS

 Fluorometric & Colorimetric Methods

      Simple, Sensitive & Reliable

- Lipids                       - Amino Acids       

- Carbohydrates       - Proteins

- Oxidative Stress     - Coenzymes

- Inorganic Ions         - Cofactors

- Serum Components   

-Intermediary Metabolism

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155 S. Milpitas Boulevard
Milpitas CA 95035
P: 408-493-1800
P: 800-891-9699
F: 408-493-1801


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