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DENDRITICS was started in 2005 by former members of SCHERING PLOUGH Laboratory for Immunological Research (LIR) in Dardilly, France.

The initial drive for DENDRITICS was inspired by our will to supply the scientific community with the large collection of monoclonal antibodies we had developed at LIR. Most of the antibodies presented in this catalogue directly result from our participation in gene discovery programs and functional studies. Consequently, we strongly believe that DENDRITICS has a competitive advantage to ensure high product quality and expert understanding of the underlying science.

Dendritics develops and markets mouse and rat monoclonal antibodies targeting the dendritic cells and their micro-environment, thus providing tools for research and diagnostic. Dendritics also proposes on-demand generation of monoclonal antibodies. Dendritics markets an innovative process packaged as a transferable kit intended for multi species B cell immortalization. B cell immortalization is also offered as services on-demand. Dendritics offers multi species monoclonal antibodies isolation from such immortalized B cells. 



Custom-made monoclonal Ab

Mouse and rat hybridoma technology
Based on our long-standing expertise in monoclonal antibody technology, and our scientific vision, we propose to generate antibodies against customer-predefined molecular or cellular targets. DENDRITICS undertakes to use an optimized version of the standard hybridoma technology (Kohler & Milstein):

  • Qualification of the immunogen before starting the program
  • Production of recombinant proteins in eukaryotic systems
  • Tolerization step before immunization if necessary
  • Specific medium additive (booster: an average of 20.000 hybrides /fusion)
  • Screening using micro-methods (rapid, specific)

Production, purification and conjugation
DENDRITICS also offers to produce, purify, and conjugate antibodies previously developed by our customers or by ourselves.


Blood B Booster system
Thanks to our long-standing expertise in B cell physiology, notably in in vitro activation and immortalization of circulating B lymphocytes, DENDRITICS offers the development of animal (DDXK-AnBBB) and human monoclonal antibodies (DDXK-HuBBB). 
This innovative technology allows the obtention of genuine antibodies directly derived from the target species (human, rat, mouse, sheep, dog, horse, rabbit).

Overall B repertoire analysis usually requires extensive molecular analysis of immunoglobulin genes. Determination of serum levels of specific antibodies by ELISA is restricted to "non steady-state" cases such as following vaccination, bacterial or viral infections.

Dendritics has developed the Human Blood B Booster® system, a powerful tool based on B cell stimulation through CD40 and immortalization with Epstein-Barr virus. The Blood B Booster® system is intended to generate B cell oligoclones representative of the overall B cell population and represents an early step towards the generation of genuine human monoclonal antibodies.

The Blood B Booster® system was extended to animal species (Animal Blood B Booster®) allowing comparative studies between animal and human humoral responses and the development of animal monoclonal antibodies.


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