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Welcome to IBL-America, Your Primary Source For ELISA kits, RIA kits, Antibodies and Proteins:

•  Autoimmune
•  Biogenic Amines, Cytokins, Hormones, Tumor Markers
•  Bone & Mineral Metabolism
•  Brain Disorders & Neuroscience
•  Cardiovascular
•  Cytokines & Cell Signaling
•  Diabetes & Obesity
•  Endocrinology / Hormones
•  Gastroenterology
•  Immunology
•  Infectious Disease
•  Research Drug Monitoring
•  Oncology
•  Autoimmune Kits
•  Infectious Disease Kits
•  Proteins/Peptides
•  Monoclonal Antibodies
•  Polyclonal Antibodies
•  RIA kits

Exceptional products, service, and years of hands-on technical experience combine to offer you the best package of products on the market today.

Please browse our site, download the protocols or spec sheets that interest you and contact us by email or phone for additional information or to place your order. 

*** All protocols and datasheets are available for viewing at our website:, or click one of the above links.

Company Profile

IBL America Provides Reagent Assays with Qualified Customer Service

For 20 years, IBL America has provided high quality laboratory reagent assays for research and clinical testing in various areas including autoimmunity, endocrinology, infectious disease, oncology and neuroscience. Due to our long-standing qualified domestic and international manufacturing partners, we provide you top quality:

  • ELISA kits
  • RIA kits
  • Chemiluminescent diagnostic and research tools
  • Antibodies
  • Proteins

Choosing IBL America means you will experience our internal, highly qualified, and knowledgeable technicians when you need them.  IBL also can analyze any of the products we provide with our modern, fully-equipped internal laboratory. You can also receive laboratory testing services for routine diagnostics in addition to contractual research services.

IBL America is committed to providing you with quality products and professional service. Whether you are ordering our product or talking to one of our technical service representatives, our staff is dedicated to giving you the attention that you want and deserve. You, as our customer, are our only reason for business. Without you, we would not exist. We appreciate your business and we will continue to show our appreciation by our professional, friendly, and efficient service

Need Specialized Testing Services?

Visit our sister site:  KMI Diagnostics, Inc.
  • Licensed Diagnostic Laboratories
  • CLIA Certified Laboratory Facility (Endocrinology)
  • Experienced, highly trained technical staff
  • Extensive background in both Diagnostics and Research Testing Services
  • Laboratories located in Minneapolis, Minnesota
8201 Central Ave NE Suite P
Minneapolis MN 55432
P: 763-780-2955
P: 888-523-1246
F: 763-780-2988

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