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Mercodia AB is a Scandinavian biotech company that specializes in the development of ELISA assays within the area of metabolic disorders. The company was founded 1991 in Uppsala by Erling Holmlund, a chemist and entrepreneur from northern Sweden. Erling’s extensive knowledge in the field stems from almost 20 years of experience in immunoassay development within diabetes and cardiovascular disease at Pharmacia Diagnostics.

With the stringent quality system inherited from Pharmacia Diagnostics, the initial business concept of Mercodia was to develop high quality ELISA assays for use in human diagnostics. The increased demand from pharmaceutical and academic research for reliable assays that ensure reproducible results created an interest from researchers around the world for Mercodias’s products.

Today Mercodia is a world-leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality immunoassay kits. We specialize in ELISA assays for clinical as well as research applications, notably within diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. We offer assays applicable in both human and animal models.

Mercodia supplies products to all major international markets from its facilities in Uppsala, Sweden. More than ninety percent of our production is exported to approximately 100 countries worldwide. 
Mercodia Inc, our US subsidiary, is based in Winston Salem, North Carolina and is involved in direct sales, distribution and support to our North American customers.

Mercodia provides a professional support system by collaborating with worldwide customers and institutions to develop new applications for existing products and new diagnostics for emerging markets.

Mercodia Products - When Accuracy Matters

Accurate and reliable results are critical when taking a scientific concept from bench-to-bedside. Mercodia supports all levels of research, providing ELISA assays that can be used in basic (cell culture and rodent), pre-clinical (rodent and large animal) and clinical (human) studies.

  • Human products – Mercodia’s long-standing expertise in immunoassay development and extensive quality system have translated into accurate and reliable biomarker concentration determination in research labs across the globe.

  • Animal products – Mercodia’s insulin assays for large animal models constitute the link between pre-clinical research and clinical phase trials and are also commonly used by those conducting veterinary research.

  • Rat and Mouse products – Mercodia´s reliable assays for rat and mouse models are important tools for basic as well as pre-clinical research.

Mercodia Laboratory Service
MERCODIA AB We offer you the possibility of having your samples analyzed in any of our human or animal ELISA products here at Mercodia.  High quality test results with minimal effort from our clients guaranteed.


Sample Analysis

Samples (serum, plasma or cell culture media) are shipped to the main facility in Uppsala, Sweden, where skilled laboratory technicians perform the analysis according to Standard Operation Procedures (SOP). Our equipment is top-of-the-line and maintained regularly as dictated by SOP. The analysis is performed using applicable Mercodia ELISA Directions for Use. Samples are run in duplicate and each run is approved according to Mercodia in-house acceptance criteria, or to customer requirements.



 The results will be reported to the customer within agreed time frame upon receiving the samples. The standard report provides approved certificate of analysis, OD, concentration and the “within run” coefficient of variation for each sample. A description of the test procedure and any comments from the laboratory technician will be enclosed to the report. All reports are approved and provided as a signed PDF-file as well as an MS Excel file to facilitate data handling by the customer. An identification number is given each report for traceability, e.g. MLS10-001

Sylveniusgatan 8A
SE-754 50 Uppsala SWEDEN
P: +46 18 57 00 70
F: +46 18 57 00 80

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