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Non-Antibody Products
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Name Description Size Catalog #
293 n/a n/a 103 More Info
A3.01 n/a n/a 166 More Info
A2.01 n/a n/a 2059 More Info
AA-2 n/a n/a 135 More Info
AB 990609 n/a n/a 11129 More Info
AB 061065 n/a n/a 11162 More Info
Abacavir n/a n/a 4680 More Info
AC10.0, clone 29 (SVPB13) n/a n/a 11024 More Info
ACH-2 n/a n/a 349 More Info
AM&DeltaHIV n/a n/a 1913 More Info
Amprenavir n/a n/a 8148 More Info
293-APOBEC3G-HA n/a n/a 10203 More Info
A3R5.7 Cells n/a n/a 12386 More Info
Atazanavir Sulfate n/a n/a 10003 More Info
AZT Intermediate Isolate Panel G910-11 n/a n/a 1082 More Info
AZT Intermediate Isolate Panel I391-4 n/a n/a 1073 More Info
AZT Intermediate Isolate Panel I495-2 n/a n/a 1074 More Info
AZT Intermediate Isolate Panel I391-1 n/a n/a 1075 More Info
AZT Resistant HIV-1 n/a n/a 629 More Info
AZT Resistant HIV-1 n/a n/a 964 More Info
16731176/B BB83 plasma n/a n/a 12527 More Info
BC7 n/a n/a 11434 More Info
BCBL-1 n/a n/a 3233 More Info
beta-D-N4-hydroxycytidine n/a n/a 9479 More Info
Bevirimat Dimeglumine n/a n/a 12199 More Info
BF24 n/a n/a 1296 More Info
BF535.W6M.ENV.A1 n/a n/a 11517 More Info
BG 740420 n/a n/a 11167 More Info
BG505.W6M.ENV.C2 n/a n/a 11518 More Info
BH 24 - HTLV-I Transformed Rabbit Cell Line n/a n/a 11087 More Info
bicyclam JM-2987 (hydrobromide salt of AMD-3100) n/a n/a 8128 More Info
BIV-env8 n/a n/a 4134 More Info
BIV-gag3 n/a n/a 4132 More Info
BIV-gag5 n/a n/a 4133 More Info
BJ613.W6M.ENV.E1 n/a n/a 11521 More Info
BJ412.W6M.ENV.S3 n/a n/a 11520 More Info
BK184.W6M.ENV.D2 n/a n/a 11522 More Info
BL274.W6M.ENV.A3 n/a n/a 11525 More Info
BL035.W6M.ENV.C1 n/a n/a 11524 More Info
B-THP-1 n/a n/a 9940 More Info
B-THP-1/DC-SIGN n/a n/a 9941 More Info
B1206.W6P.ENV.A1 n/a n/a 11519 More Info
BZ167 (GS 010) n/a n/a 7692 More Info
BZ126 (GS 030) n/a n/a 7709 More Info
C8166-45 n/a n/a 404 More Info
CAP210.2.00.E8, SVPC17 n/a n/a 11317 More Info
CAP45.2.00.G3, SVPC16 n/a n/a 11316 More Info
17193057/C BB10 plasma n/a n/a 12522 More Info
17327058/C BB25 plasma n/a n/a 12524 More Info
17397359/C BB52 plasma n/a n/a 12525 More Info
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