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XLR11 N-(4-pentenyl) analog from CAYMAN CHEMICAL COMPANY

XLR11 N-(4-pentenyl) analog from CAYMAN CHEMICAL COMPANY

Product Name XLR11 N-(4-pentenyl) analog
Description XLR11 (Item No. 11565) is a synthetic cannabinoid (CB) featuring a tetramethylcyclopropyl group, which reportedly confers selectivity for the peripheral CB2 receptor over the central CB1 receptor. XLR11 also has an N-(5-fluoropentyl) chain, which increases binding to both CB receptors. XLR11 N-(4-pentenyl) analog is a variant of XLR11 which replaces the N-(5-fluoropentyl) chain with N-(4-pentenyl). This analog is a commonly observed component of herbal mixtures (Spice/K2) containing synthetic CBs with the 5-fluoropentyl moiety, like XLR11, AM2201 (Item No. 10707), and MAM2201 (Item No. 9001219). The biological and toxicological properties of this compound have not been evaluated. This product is intended for forensic and research applications.
Size 10 mg
Applications n/a
Other Names UR-144 N-(4-pentenyl) analog
Gene, Accession, CAS # n/a
Catalog # 11688
Price $520.00
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