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Intrinsic LifeSciences (ILS), The BioIron Company™ is an independent Life Sciences company developing innovative in vitro diagnostic devices for applications in clinical medicine. ILS developed the world’s first validated hepcidin assay for measuring hepcidin, the key hormone regulating plasma iron levels in the human body. ILS is focused on development of diagnostic tests and biomarker panels for diagnosis of genetic and acquired iron disorders including congenital anemias, hemochromatosis, and inflammatory diseases in which iron homeostasis is dysregulated. IntrinsicDx, the CLIA certified and CAP accredited clinical laboratory of ILS, is the exclusive provider of the Intrinsic Hepcidin IDx™ test.
Contract Research Services

Intrinsic LifeSciences has performed thousands of hepcidin assays for Phase I, II, and III clinical trials to support our small, medium and large clinical and pharma customers. We can perform assays for all facets of clinical medicine. Contact us to learn how we can meet your clinical trial goals.

Immunoassay Services Available at Intrinsic LifeSciences

Intrinsic LifeSciences can perform the following Research Use Only (RUO) assays for clinical and pharmaceutical investigators worldwide:

  • Hepcidin-25 (human, primate, mouse)
  • Erythroferrone (ERFE - human, mouse)
  • Soluble Transferrin Receptor (sTfR - human)
  • Erythropoietin (EPO - human)
  • Ferritin (human)
  • Growth Differentiation Factor (GDF-8, -11, -15 - human)
  • C-Reactive Protein (CRP - human)
  • Serum/Plasma Iron (human)
  • Nontransferrin Bound Iron (NTBI - human)
  • Creatinine


505 Coast Blvd South, Suite 408
La Jolla CA 92037
P: (858) 459-1758
P: (877) 457-5888
F: (858) 459-3794

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