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As a professor of immunology at the University of California San Francisco, Dr. William D. Linscott was frequently frustrated by the amount of time he had to spend to locate suppliers of specific reagents. Like many researchers of that time, he kept a shelf full of reagent company catalogs and often had to flip through them one at a time to see if this or that company had this or that antibody.


In 1979 Dr. Linscott had an epiphany, and decided that someone should put all the companies' product information together in one volume so researchers only had to refer to one book to find many products from many sources. In 1980 the First Edition of "Linscott's Catalog of Immunological and Biological Reagents" was published. After 35 years we are still going strong, though our well known bright pink book has now given way to "Linscott's-On-Line" to better keep up with the ever accelerating rate of reagent development.


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