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Listing Your Company's Antibody Products and Other Reagents Is Easy with Linscott's Directory

"It is amazing that with all the new routes of obtaining information, the majority of our leads still come from your directory."
(Unsolicited comment from a listed company.)

Many companies offer to list and/or sell your products for you, but Linscott’s Directory was the very first (founded in 1979!) and continues to be one of the best at bringing together suppliers and the researchers who are looking to buy their products and services. Our online Directory has been running since 1999. It is a comprehensive resource, dedicated to facilitating the search for research antibodies, reagents and services for the biomedical community. Users greatly appreciate that our site requires no tedious registration process to use and is uncluttered by any extraneous banner or popup ads.

Linscott’s Directory is consulted by thousands of research people throughout the world. Government institutions, medical centers, and pharmaceutical companies offer links to the Directory as a valuable resource for their research communities.

Our current edition contains more than 4,000,000 listings of antibodies, antigens, immunoassay kits, reagents for molecular biology, enzymes, blood products, biochemicals, infectious agents, lab animals, contract custom services, and many other products available from more than 160 suppliers worldwide.

Listing your products in Linscott’s Directory is far less expensive than other forms of advertising. Researchers use the Directory repeatedly to locate sources for specific reagents and services. It features links from listed products to supplier data pages, plus complete contact details and company logos for each item listed. Listings also includes a complimentary Profile page which you can use to promote your company in any way you want, from company history, to new products/special pricing announcements, conference exhibit schedules, job openings etc.

Get your company's products and services listed in Linscott's Directory now (we can usually have complete listings "live" in the Directory within 48 hours of receiving your product list), and start receiving new business referrals right away.

Listing with Linscott's Directory is simple and very affordable. Please contact our main office (see information below), and we'll send you the details of the listing process.


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