Prostatic Acid Phosphatase (PAP) - A Pain System Marker Antibody from AVES LABS

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Antigenic SpecificityProstatic Acid Phosphatase (PAP) - A Pain System Marker
Host SpeciesChicken
Reactive Specieshuman, mouse, rat
Formatantigen affinity purified
Size200 µL
Concentration10 mg/mL
ApplicationsIHC, WB
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DescriptionChickens were immunized with recombinant mouse Prostatic Acid Phosphatase protein. After repeated injections, immune eggs were collected from laying hens, from which IgY antibody were prepared (anti-PAP IgY fraction). Some of this antibody was further purified using an agarose matrix to which the PAP protein was covalently attached (Affinity-purified anti-PAP). The final preparation in the accompanying vial contains 10 mg/mL of the anti-PAP IgY fraction supplemented with 20 µg/mL of the affinity-purified anti-PAP plus 50% (v/v) glycerol (to prevent freezing at -20?C). Finally, this antibody preparation was filter-sterilized (0.45 mm) and 200 ul aliquots prepared.
Immunogenrecombinant mouse ProstaticAcid Phosphatase protein
Other Namesn/a
Gene, Accession #ACPP
Catalog #PAP
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