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Abbexa is based at the World renowned Cambridge Science Park, in Cambridge, UK. We are a supplier of biological tools for the life science, pharmaceutical development and biotechnology sectors. We provide the scientific community with primary antibodiessecondary antibodiesproteinsELISA kits and enzymes as well as other kits and tools for use in research. Working with various laboratories across the World, we aim to develop relevant, high quality, tested products for the biomedical research market.


Abbexa is a dedicated worldwide antibody supplier and protein supplier. Whether you are carrying out academic research, pharmaceutical research, disease research or other biological research, our monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, proteins and biological reagents are designed to facilitate your research. We appreciate that sometimes it is hard to find the right antibody to match your needs, and we therefore offer a custom protein, peptide and antibody production pipeline.


Abbexa is committed to providing scientists and researchers with the best customer experience and high quality products. We want to provide you with the best support available, which is why we guarantee customer satisfaction. If you are unhappy with the performance of your product we will offer you an immediate replacement or refund. Please have a look at our quality guarantee for further details. 


We are constantly striving to improve in everything we do, so please do get in touch with any comments regarding the website, service, products, or anything else.


Abbexa has over 250,000 products available for scientific research, suitable for all your research needs. 

We stock over 150,000 validated antibodies, with a wide variety of target hosts and a wide range of tested applications. 

Discover our wide range of quality assay kits, stocking over 24,000 ELISA kits. Made for accurate, detailed results.

Explore over 24,000 proteins and peptides, alongside enzymes and other kits and tools for research. 

Contact us at for more details on any of our products.

Discover some of our bestsellers including the Human Asprosin ELISA Kit and the Mouse D-Dimer ELISA Kit.


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181 Cambridge Science Park
Cambridge, CB4 0GJ UK
P: +44 (0) 1223 755950
F: +44 (0) 1223 755951

Customer Service:
Technical Support:

U.S. Office
Abbexa LLC
11152 Westheimer Rd #920,
Houston, TX 77042
Phone: +1 832 327 7413

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