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Non-Antibody Products
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Borosilicate Glass Reactors We’ve been making glass reactors for a long time and are gratified that gl… n/a n/a More Info
Cell Culture and Fermentation We manufacture fermentation vessels and glass cell culture vessels in all… n/a n/a More Info
Distillation and Extraction This glassware represents some of the most prototypical examples of scient… n/a n/a More Info
Electrochemical Cells Our borosilicate echem cells are in wide use in labs around the world. The… n/a n/a More Info
Evaporation Glassware You can find evaporation glassware in most labs, as separating the payload… n/a n/a More Info
Filtration Glassware We manufacture glass filtration apparatus in many flavors; simple filter f… n/a n/a More Info
Glass Chromatography Columns Glass chromatography columns remain popular in the lab, and not just for b… n/a n/a More Info
Glass Manifolds We manufacture glass manifolds and Schlenk lines in an amazing variety of… n/a n/a More Info
Laboratory Glass Repairs Think of it as high-tech recycling. Most glassblowing shops perform repair… n/a n/a More Info
Laboratory Glassware Machines make test tubes, vials, and beakers, but any laboratory glassware… n/a n/a More Info
Microbial Fuel Cells We are proud to present our line of Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs). These cel… n/a n/a More Info
Peptide Synthesis Glassware We make glass reaction vessels for the manufacture of peptides and small m… n/a n/a More Info
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