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Alomone Labs is a leading developer, producer and supplier of reliable research tools for membrane proteins. By leveraging 30 years of experience and scientific excellence, we produce tried, tested and trusted products.

We provide you with the best research tools you need so that you can focus on your research.
When you succeed, we succeed.

Why Alomone Labs?

In-House Production

We have the knowledge and the technology to produce unique, high quality, and reliable research tools for membrane proteins. Our commitment to ensure the quality and reliability of our products, has led us to develop and produce all technical processes in-house. As a result, we have a large portfolio in stock and available in various sizing options.


Reliability, Reproducibility & Results

Alomone Labs offers a unique product line. Each lot is tested and validated under stringent quality control testing. Antibodies are validated for specificity with the immunizing peptide in western blot analysis. Pharmacological reagents and recombinant proteins are bioassay tested in relevant biological systems. We are dedicated to producing reliable products that yield reproducible results.


Shelf-Life & Stability

All products are sent lyophilized at room temperature. Lyophilization keeps shipping costs low and ensures the stability of your product.


Free Sample Program

Our unique Free Sample Program enables you to introduce novel products to your research. With the Free Sample Program, you experience the benefit and quality of Alomone Labs products at a minimal cost. We are confident that you too will succeed with them.

Learn more about us...
Jerusalem BioPark (JBP), Hadassah Ein Kerem
PO Box 4287
Jerusalem, 9104201 ISRAEL
P: +972-2-587-2202
F: +972-2-587-1101

Toll free phone: 1800-618-1644 / 1800-791-3904

Toll free fax: 1888-454-7276 / 1800-791-3912

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