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The name, ANIARA, is derived from the poem, Aniara - penned by the Nobel Prize winning author, Harry Martinson. The poem tells the tale of the spaceship, "Aniara." The spaceship and its select crew are launched into space, away from Earth, which has been doomed by a nuclear war. The mission: to explore space and discover a new planet on which a better society can be created. Like this adventuresome crew and its ship, ANIARA was launched on a journey to medical exploration and discovery, leaving other providers far behind.

ANIARA provides you with a comprehensive offering of screening tools, as well as diagnostic and research agents, all designed to meet today's highest standards for product quality. You can also rely on Aniara for highly cost-efficient delivery.

Our primary mission is to help drive continual exploration and discovery throughout the medical universe, seeking new, enhanced, and innovative products that, ultimately, result in superior healthcare and successful patient outcomes. Our support of medical research, to that end, is steadfast.

Research Discount
Thrombosis and hemostasis Academic Research Program

Aniara is committed to the continual process of research in the Thrombosis and Hemostasis field. We realize that funding is paramount and that every dollar counts. As a testament to our dedication to progression, we are offering our products to academic researchers at a reduced price. Our intent is to help you by reducing the cost of our products.

If you currently use products similar to Aniara's in your research, or plan to incorporate them in the future, and would like to participate in our cost saving program for new research, you may be eligible to receive a discount of 15% on all of our Hyphen BioMed products used for your research.

7768 Service Center Dr.
West Chester OH 45069
P: 513-770-1991
P: 866-783-3797
F: 513-573-9241

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