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antibodies-online operates the largest Online Marketplace for off-the shelf Research Reagents

antibodies-online operates the largest Online Marketplace for off-the shelf Research Reagents, offering nearly 2 million Research Antibodies, ELISA Kits, Proteins and related products from over 250 suppliers. Founded in 2006 antibodies-online has shipped hundreds of thousands of products from its global supplier base to more than 6,000 research institutions in 65 countries. With teams located in the U.S. and Europe helps scientists find everything they need when they work on the protein level.

Only our best products make it into the LINSCOTT's Directory

With more than 13 years of market experience, customer feedback and supplier insights we have made the choice. Only our best products make it into our retail store brand antibodies-online(TM) and as such get listed on Linscott's Directory. We have picked the most reliable orginal manufacturers of antibodies, ELISA Kits and Proteins we can find on the market and we removed the clutter created by the rest for you. We have also contracted exclusive manufacturing capabilities in Europe and the USA to bring innovative reagents to the market first. If you bump into our antibodies-online(TM) product selection - just buy it - no worries. Our money back warranty applies of course to all of our retail store brand products. 

We support your Science with a full Refund in return for Data 

Our Independent Validation Initiative aims at fundamentally changing the quality of product data in the life science market. Supplier-independent validation provides an objective basis to decide on the quality of products. The Independent Validation Initiative was launched in July 2013 to independently validate commercial antibodies and ELISA kits. Since then, our customers have performed more than 700 validation experiments and shared their results - good and bad - with antibodies-online and product manufacturers. Want to help create a more transparent market? >> Become a Validator!

CUT&RUN: Better than ChIP-seq!

CUT&RUN: Better than ChIP-seq!

CUT&RUN offers a new approach to study Protein-DNA interaction. CUT&RUN overcomes various downfalls of ChIP-Seq with improved workflow. Especially the background noise is significantly reduced. 

Try our CUT&RUN Sets for an easy access to this new method

Benefit from antibodies-online years of expertise and accelerate your research with our CUT&RUN Sets and guidance to find the right antibody. We are happy to share our CUT&RUN Protocoll with you for your review. 
Superior Performance: Replace your FBS with Human Platelet Lysate

Human Platelet Lysate: Better than FBS !

Cell cultures are one of the major techniques in life sciences frequently used in research, development and production. antibodies-online offers Human Platelet Lysates cell culture supplement that is a first-rate alternative to fetal bovine serum (FBS) in human cell culture medium. Human Platelet Lysate is manufactured from platelet units obtained from healthy blood donors at either FDA-licensed or EMA licensed blood centres. The human platelets are pooled in large batch sizes (>300) to ensure outstanding consistency in availability, pricing and the product itself.
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