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We manufacture high quality biochemicals, assay kits, antibodies, and recombinant proteins and offer contract services for custom chemical synthesis/analysis, assay development/screening, and drug discovery. Our mission is to help make research possible. That starts by employing a talented and highly qualified group of experts to develop the tools to support research scientists across academic, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical institutions. Visit us at

Product Categories

Sixty staff chemists synthesize, purify, and characterize the small molecules and biochemicals you need to take your research further, including drug-like heterocycles, complex biolipids and fatty acids, inhibitors, activators, and modulators. Search by CAS number, common name, synonyms, InCHI Code, InCHI key, SMILES, or molecular weight, or explore by research area to find what you need. Bulk pricing, custom aliquots, and exact weights are available upon your request. Not finding what you're looking for? Contact our custom organic service staff for affordable pricing on the synthesis of your custom molecule.

Assay Kits
With hundreds of assay kits in a variety of formats to choose from, Cayman offers complete solutions to quickly monitor biomarkers, assess cellular health, and measure enzyme activity/inhibition. Each of our assay kits undergoes rigorous quality testing to certify high precision and accuracy to deliver the sensitivity and specificity needed to detect biologically significant analyte levels.

For everywhere your research leads, we provide a catalog of hundreds of recombinant proteins expressed and purified from bacterial, insect, and mammalian expression systems. We clone, express, and purify proteins and active enzymes at our facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Your research requires consistency, so our scientific staff thoroughly tests activity and quality to ensure low variability from lot to lot. Bulk proteins are available upon your request.

We offer primary and secondary antibodies for diverse applications, including western blot, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, and immunofluorescence. Our antibodies are validated on biological tissues and cell lysates to ensure they will be reliable tools for your research. We provide target receptors, proteins, enzymes, and post-translational modifications for eicosanoid, neuroscience, immunology, inflammation, cancer, and epigenetic research. Secondary antibodies are available with HRP, AP, fluorescein, rhodamine, phycoerythrin, APC, europium, biotin, Texas red, and more. Custom production, purification, and conjugation services and bulk antibody orders are available upon your request.  



Cayman Contract Research Services provides diverse expertise and services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry as well as academic and research institutions. We work with scientists to support their research, drug discovery, and drug development needs. Our clients have complete control of their projects with the flexibility to tailor requirements and pivot direction as projects evolve.

Clients have access to a team of highly qualified scientists, with expertise in designing and developing tools that advance life science research. Our laboratories have dedicated instrumentation and lab space to support project needs. We offer comprehensive solutions to drive your projects to completion, delivering prompt quotations, competitive prices, quality science, and personalized customer service with a commitment to our mission to help make research possible.

Chemical Synthesis

Our team of chemists brings unmatched experience to solving difficult synthetic routes and performing complex, multi-step syntheses. We specialize in the production of eicosanoids (e.g., prostaglandins and leukotrienes), fatty acids, cannabinoids, and complex heterocycles. The wide-ranging knowledge of our scientific staff has delivered on projects that include, but are not limited to, the total synthesis and scale-up of rare eicosanoids and their biologically active metabolites, specialized pro-resolving mediators and other complex fatty acids, sinefungin, emerging drugs of abuse, phytocannabinoids, and labeled versions thereof. With impeccable attention to detail, route design proficiency, process development skills, and scalable manufacturing capabilities, Cayman’s Chemical Synthesis Services will meet and exceed your chemical synthesis demands.

  • Fatty acid and lipid chemistry
    • Organic synthesis
    • Scale-up
    • Stable isotopic labeling
    • Conjugation chemistry
  • Emerging and classical drugs of abuse standards
    • Parent, isomer, analog, and metabolite standards
    • Stable isotopic labeling
  • Custom inhibitors and modulators
  • Analytical standards
    • Stable isotopic labeling
    • ISO Guide 34 – Certified Reference Materials

Chemical Analysis

Our scientists perform routine quality control testing on thousands of our catalog products each year, giving them unparalleled expertise in developing and validating methods to analyze, quantify, and purify small molecules. Employing multiple chemical testing methods, customized to your project's unique requirements, we perform qualitative and quantitative analysis, purification, and characterization of chemical entities such as natural products, synthetic compounds, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and drugs of abuse from organic and biological matrices.

  • Purification and characterization
    • Preparative HPLC
    • Analytical HPLC
    • Mass spectrometry (LC-MS, GC-MS, High Resolution Accurate Mass)
    • NMR
    • Karl-Fischer, optical rotation
  • Quantification
    • Bioanalytical LC-MS/MS (targeted analysis of drugs and endogenous biomarkers in biological matrices)
      • Standardized protocols for many lipid biomarkers (Leukotrienes, primary prostaglandins and their urinary metabolites, oxylipins, thromboxanes, short chain fatty acids, endocannabinoids)

      • Drugs and metabolites

    • Drug discovery services – solubility, metabolism, rate of release, pharmacokinetics

  • Deformulation

    • Formulation testing

      • Active ingredient assay (cosmetics, neutraceuticals)

      • Impurity limit testing (melamine, food toxins)

      • Homogeneity and stability testing

    • Determination of unknowns


Cayman’s Bioanalytical Services division offers complete biological sample analysis utilizing any of our hundreds of readily available off-the-shelf assays. Our catalog of well-characterized ELISAs, cell-based assays, and other biochemical screening assays are continuously used both in-house and by researchers worldwide to monitor biomarkers, assess cellular health, and measure enzyme activity/inhibition. Our scientific staff has years of experience in assay and methods development as well as validation and sample analysis. Custom assay development is available with capabilities including sample preparation, methods development, fluorometric and colorimetric enzyme assays, immunoassays, mass spectrometry, flow cytometry, and protein and antibody production.

  • Assay development

    • Immunoassays

    • Enzyme activity assays

    • Reporter assays

    • Mass spectrometry-based assays

    • Flow cytometry-based assays

    • Recombinant protein and antibody production

  • Sample analysis

    • Sample preparation

    • Biofluids, tissues, and cells

    • Bioactive lipid profiling

    • Oxidative stress monitoring

    • Proteomic profiling

    • Post-translational modification analysis (phosphorylation, acetylation, citrullination, methylation, ubiquitination)

  • Screening and profiling

    • Mitochondrial bioenergetics profiling

      • Generate a full profile of mitochondrial function and cellular bioenergetics for pre-clinical compounds

    • COX screening

      • Screen modulators of human cyclooxygenase 1 and 2

    • PAD screening

      • Screen modulators of the human protein arginine deiminases

      • Run counter screens with PAD 1, 2, or 4

    • Epigenetics screening and profiling

      • Histone methyltransferase readers, writers, and erasers

      • Histone acetyltransferase readers, writers, and erasers

      • DNA methylation

    • Cell culture

      • Cell-based screening assays

    • MHC peptide sequencing

Medicinal Chemistry

The Medicinal Chemistry and Structural Biology groups at Cayman have successfully driven independent and collaborative internal programs and delivered on a wide range of external pre-clinical development programs. This service offers a fully integrated multidisciplinary approach from design and synthesis to screening and development. We also have scale-up and process/GMP development capabilities. Whether it’s lead generation or optimization, route and methods development, screening, or scale-up, Cayman’s experienced medicinal and organic chemists, structural biologists, and biochemists possess the competencies to augment your pre-clinical drug discovery and development needs.

  • Lead optimization and development

  • In silico drug design and selectivity assessment

  • Route and methods development

  • Organic synthesis and scale-up

  • Structure-activity relationship studies

  • Structural biology

    • Structure determination

    • Biophysical assays

    • Formulation screens

  • Pre-GMP process development

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