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DSHB: Empowering the Research Community for Over 35 Years


Established in 1986 by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, and housed at the University of Iowa since 1997, it is DSHB’s mission to act as an antibody resource for the international research community. Our purpose remains steadfast: to bank and distribute hybridomas and monoclonal antibodies for the advancement of science:


  1. Affordable Advancements: We redefine research affordability by providing a wealth of monoclonal antibodies at a fraction of commercial costs.
  2. Easing Scientific Burdens: DSHB unburdens researchers by handling antibody development and distribution, freeing their time for further discovery.
  3. Assured Availability: We pledge to keep vital antibodies accessible, regardless of demand.

  1. Commitment to Excellence: We strive for the highest quality products and unwavering customer support.

Expanding Horizons:

Our collection surpasses 5,000 hybridomas and counting, reflecting our dedication to innovation.


Global Impact:

Distributing 65,000+ samples worldwide annually, we touch every corner of biological research.



Championing Collaboration:

Our hybridoma and antibody bank ethos honors intellectual property, fostering open science.




Depositing With DSHB


At DSHB, we understand that scientific progress thrives on collaboration and accessibility. Our commitment to the research community goes beyond providing affordable antibodies – it extends to supporting the very researchers who drive innovation. If you're a scientist with valuable hybridomas, mAbs, recombinant antibody plasmids, or polyclonal antibodies, here's why depositing with DSHB can be your strategic move towards elevating scientific discovery:


1. Amplify Your Impact: By depositing your hybridomas and antibodies with us, you're contributing to a vast network of researchers worldwide. Your work becomes an essential tool in the hands of countless scientists, accelerating the pace of scientific breakthroughs.


2. Protect Your Intellectual Property: We understand the importance of retaining ownership of your research. Depositing with DSHB is non-exclusive and we redistribute only for non-profit research and teaching; you and your institution keep all intellectual property rights while making your work available to the global research community.


3. Simplify Distribution: Say goodbye to the complexities of managing hybridoma and antibody distribution. DSHB takes care of the logistics, ensuring that your valuable contributions reach fellow researchers efficiently and reliably.


4. Ensure Longevity: With DSHB, your hybridomas and mAbs are safeguarded for the long haul. Even if demand is limited, we are committed to keeping your scientific contributions available for researchers who can benefit from them.


5. Foster Open Science: Our mission aligns with open science principles. By depositing with us, you contribute to the spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing that drives the scientific community forward.


6. Connect with a Legacy: Join a legacy of over three decades of impactful research support. DSHB's reputation for excellence and dedication to researchers speaks volumes about the community we've built together.


7. Easy and Efficient: Our streamlined deposit process ensures that contributing your hybridomas and mAbs is straightforward and free. We handle the technicalities, so you can focus on what matters most – your research.


Join us in the mission to make scientific discoveries accessible and impactful. Together, we can fuel progress, inspire innovation, and shape the future of research.


Ready to take the next step? Contact us at to learn more and become part of a global movement of research collaboration.

Dr. David Soll
University of Iowa Dept. Biology
Iowa City IA 52242
P: 319-335-3826
F: 319-335-2077

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