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HyTest Ltd is a continually expanding Finnish biotechnology company that produces and markets high-quality immunological reagents for the international market.
Established in 1994, HyTest Ltd is a recognized producer of high-quality monoclonal antibodies and antigens for the diagnostic industry all around the world. Building on a strong scientific basis, HyTest has become the global market leader in supplying certain reagents. With several products appointed as the best in the world.
HyTest is a company with an excellent track record and is known for its uncompromising quality. This quality extends to the whole wide product range.

Continuous investments in R&D

Continuous investments in R&D ensure a constant flow of new, even better reagents for the customers. That’s why most of the major diagnostic companies rely on HyTest’s ability to supply the best reagents in the world.

Customer Support and User Data

To make customers life easier, HyTest provides a comprehensive customer support and user data service for both industrial and research applications. Information is also available at HyTest’s web site as well as in the special brochures. HyTest’s TechNotes offer more information about the products and their applications.

HyTest in China

In 2011 HyTest opened an office in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Teck Park. This is only our initial step in expanding our operations in China and in future we will develop our operations even further in order to provide full portfolio of services in China.

Understanding the needs of industrial and research communities

HyTest has total understanding of the needs of both industrial and research communities. This is one of the reasons why HyTest is able to create success also for its customers.

Intelligate, 6th floor
Joukahaisenkatu 6
20520 Turku FINLAND
P: +358 2 5120900



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