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IBT Bioservices is a research services division of Integrated BioTherapeutics, Inc. (IBT). IBT Bioservices offers a strong client oriented research and development service focused on our area of expertise, infectious diseases. The team at IBT Bioservices has extensive experience in antiviral and antimicrobial screening and model development.


Integrated BioTherapeutics, Inc. is a small business as defined by the SBA and meets the U.S. government’s requirements for small business subcontracting. Contact us directly for quotes in support of your government contract proposal.

Not Another CRO

IBT Bioservices is not another CRO. Our business is focused on a collaborative “scientist-to-scientist” business model where scientific creativity, client interaction, and expertise are emphasized. IBT Bioservices invests significant time into customer service by assigning a scientific client manager to each client. This model allows us to meet directly with the client to exchange ideas and investigate the best path forward to develop your product. While CROs will perform a study as provided to them, IBT Bioservices works with its clients to devise the most scientifically sound research path, with our team designing studies. In this way, we are investing our efforts to provide the client with a high value result we can stand behind.

In addition, we focus on early research and development where we can apply our greatest asset, our cumulative early R&D expertise screening drugs in infectious diseases. This allows us to keep our costs down with non-GLP preclinical studies that play an integral role in making go, no-go decisions in drug development.


Infectious Disease Antibodies and Reagents

IBT Bioservices offers polyclonal antibodies, monoclonal antibodies, and microbial antigens for various emerging pathogens based on our proprietary technology. These highly specific reagents are excellent and unique tools for research and development.


Ebola and Marburg Products

IBT Bioservices offers the most comprehensive collection of commercially available reagents to enhance your filovirus vaccine, therapeutic, and diagnostic research. The various polyclonal antibody, monoclonal antibody, and recombinant protein products  focus on the most relevant viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF) viruses. These products are useful tools for a number of methods including ELISA, Western blot and immunofluorescence.


Staphylococcal Products 

Staphylococcus aureus is a formidable human pathogen and a leading cause of hospital and community acquired infections. S. aureus produces a large number of toxins that serve as key virulence factors. The products from IBT Bioservices  focus on two groups of these toxins: pore-forming toxins and superantigens. The recombinant, functionally active, purified toxins offered include Panton-Valentine Leukocidin (PVL), gamma hemolysin (Hlg), as well as toxic shock syndrome toxin 1 (TSST-1). Polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies are also available to target alpha hemolysin (alpha-toxin), staphylococcal enterotoxins B (SEB), A (SEA), and TSST-1, as well as bicomponent toxins LukS-PV, LukF-PV, HlgB, and HlgC.


Clostridium Products 

Clostridium difficile is a Gram positive bacteria responsible for serious intestinal infections particularly in healthcare settings. Key virulence factors of C. difficile include two enterotoxins known as Toxin A and Toxin B. Toxin A causes actin depolymerization and Toxin B is a glucosyltransferase that inactivates the Rho family of G proteins. IBT Bioservices offers highly neutralizing fully human antibodies to these two toxins.  Clostridium perfringens, also a Gram positive bacteria, is a major cause of food poisoning. Epsilon toxin (ETX), one of many toxins produced by C. perfringens is a pore-forming toxin causing potassium and fluid leakage from cells. ETX can cause enteritis as well as neurological symptoms and is considered a potential biological weapon. IBT Bioservices is offering a highly neutralizing anti-ETX human-mouse chimeric monoclonal antibody.


Tropical Virus Antibodies

Polyclonal antibodies targeting Rift Valley Fever, Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis, Vaccinia, Junin, Japanese Encephalitis, Chikungunya, and Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever.


IBT Bioservices is a collaborative research organization offering R&D services to identify and develop vaccines and therapeutics for infectious diseases. As experts in the field of infectious diseases and biowarfare countermeasures, IBT Bioservices has worked with large and small clients to screen their compounds using in vitro screening assays and in vivo disease models. IBT Bioservices focuses on the core functions of early R&D for vaccines and therapeutics development including: initial in vitro and in vivo screening, animal model development, assay development, and immunogenicity and serology testing. IBT Bioservices provides its customers with value added consulting and customer support.

Trusted expertise in design and implementation of early research and translational product development.

Application of intellectual capital to the design, development, and execution of research programs.

High value client engagement focused on collaborative scientific interaction.

Cost effective streamlined approaches to candidate screening and down-selection, save time and money.

Timely execution and delivery of study results.


Because we are a small business and focus on early research and development projects IBT Bioservices can bring added value by offering integration of early R&D functions. Our size allows our team to work closely to provide effective communication and coordination of studies. The figure below gives an overview of some key service offerings available and the synergies of working with IBT Bioservices.

4 Research Court, Suite 300
Rockville MD 20850
P: (877) 411-2041
F: (240) 778-6805



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