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Life Diagnostics was founded in 1997. We manufacture ELISA kits, SPARCL™ kits, antibodies and purified biomarkers for preclinical research and veterinary diagnostics. We manufacture all of the  products listed on our website.

SPARCL™ (Spatial Proximity Analyte Reagent Capture Luminescence) assays are the most recent addition to our product line. They are 96-well luminescence assays that use two biomarker specific antibodies; one conjugated to HRP, the other to acridan, a chemiluminescent substrate. When HRP and acridan conjugated antibodies bind to the biomarker they are brought into close proximity. With the addition of hydrogen peroxide (trigger solution), HRP catalyzes oxidation of proximal acridan molecules causing a flash of chemiluminescence that is proportional to the biomarker concentration. Acridan molecules distant from HRP cause no luminescence. This principle allows development of rapid (30 min), single incubation, no-wash immunoassays. They are a simpler, faster alternative to ELISA.

Our areas of expertise include cardiovascular, inflammation, immunotoxicity and immunology research. Reagents are available for many species including, but not limited to, mouse, rat, rabbit, cat, dog, pig, monkey, cow, chicken and turkey. We also manufacture antibodies and kits for detection of PEGylated biologics.

Cardiovascular Biomarkers:  Troponin-I, myoglobin, FABP

Inflammation Biomarkers:  CRP, haptoglobin, etc.

Immunotoxicity Biomarkers: Anti-KLH, -tetanus toxoid, -SRBC & -DNP

Immunology Biomarkers: IgG, IgM, IgA, IgE

PEG: PEGylated proteins, PEG antibodies, kits for detection of PEG, mPEG and anti-PEG antibodies

PEG Reagents

Because of the increasing research on PEGylated biologics we have developed two series of mouse monoclonal anti-PEG antibodies. One series recognizes the polymer backbone, the other recognizes the terminal methoxy group of mPEG.

1D9-6, Kd ~ 3 nM
3F12-1, Kd ~ 20 nM
10B4-2, Kd ~ 20 nM
10E3-1-4, Kd ~4 0 nM
9B5-6-25-7, Kd ~ 2 nM

5D6-3, Kd < 0.1 nM
5H4-2, Kd < 0.1 nM

1D9-6 is used in our competitive PEG ELISA. 9B5-6-25-7 is paired with 5D6-3 in our mPEG sandwich ELISA.

Purified Biomarkers

We purify cardiac biomarkers (troponin-I, -T, and -C, myoglobin & FABP) as well as acute phase proteins (CRP, haptoglobin & alpha-1-acid glycoprotein etc.) from human and animal sources. Bulk quantities are available.

PO Box 5205
West Chester PA 19380
P: 610-431-7707
F: 610-431-7818

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