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The Miami Serpentarium, established in1946 as the first-of-it’s kind premier and pioneering venom production laboratory in the world, was originated by the Founding Director, W. E. Haast.* His concept of establishing a unique, scientifically based production facility where systems and methods to house, feed, and collect venoms were created and originated to produce the absolute highest quality of venom for venom research ever before made available the scientific research community.

The drive behind this original concept and the effort to bring it to fruition was the belief that reptilian venoms hold tremendous value as research tools and in the healing arts, but in order for that potential to be fully realized the raw material had to be provided not only in great variety and quantity, but truly, for the first time in history, in scientific, research grade quality.

As the pioneer and flagship laboratory in the specialized field of venom production for venom research, the Miami Serpentarium has been successfully meeting the challenging needs of hundreds of university research departments, military research divisions and chemical companies worldwide for over 60 years. In that more than half a century, the Miami Serpentarium has performed over two million venom collections. Some of the more challenging projects include:

Producing a kilogram and a half of cobra venom for the University of Miami in 1949-51. The venom was used by the University to study the hypothesis of using cobra venom in the treatment of polio, a concept originated by and presented to the University by the Founding Director, W.E. Haast.

Producing 100 grams of coral snake venom for the National Institutes of Health (1965-68) This venom was used for the development of the first coral snake antivenin, and required 69,000 handlings of coral snakes in a three year period. The coral snake antivenin still available today originated from venom produced at the Miami Serpentarium Laboratories.

Producing two kilograms of Malayan pit viper venom for Abbott Laboratories in 1973-74, requiring the importation of 20,000 snakes.

Producing multi-kilograms of venom for Wyeth Laboratories, the sole manufacturers of antivenin in the U.S. for more than 40 years.

The Miami Serpentarium feels a responsibility to insure access to an extensive variety of venoms, in quantities and at price that researchers can appreciate. Whether your venom needs are for university research projects, biochemical supply or pharmacutical research development worldwide, we invite you to review our extensive list of available venoms and look forward to being of service.

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