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The UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility:

  • is an NIH-funded national monoclonal antibody-generating resource.
  • uses a unique neuroscience-based approach to generating mouse monoclonal antibodies optimized for use in mammalian brain (NeuroMabs).
  • performs comprehensive biochemical and immunohistochemical analyses of human, primate and non-primate mammalian brain in our initial screening procedure.
  • optimizes NeuroMabs for use in brain for immunocytochemical-based imaging studies of protein localization in adult, developing and pathological brain samples, for biochemical analyses of subunit composition and post-translational modifications of native brain proteins, and for proteomic analyses of native brain protein networks.
  • has made more than 320 NeuroMabs against neuronal membrane proteins (receptors/channels/transporters), synaptic proteins, other neuronal signaling molecules, and proteins with established links to disease states, neurodevelopmental targets, epigenetics targets and rare disease targets.
  • makes NeuroMabs available to the neuroscience research community on an inexpensive, non-profit basis as tissue culture supernatants or purified immunoglobulin.


A complete catalog is available online.


Custom Antibody Services

  • Because we are fully NIH funded, there is no charge for this service.
  • Requestors should supply the UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility with:
    • a scientific justification as to the biological importance of the target molecule
    • the importance of these reagents to the national neuroscience community
    • the availability and suitability of existing polyclonal and/or monoclonal antibodies.
    • a list of reagents (synthetic peptides, fusions proteins, full-length cDNAs for transfection in mammalian cells, samples from knockout mice) that will be made available to the UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility staff to facilitate the development and characterization of these NeuroMabs.
  • Requests will be prioritized by our Scientific Advisory Board and NIH Program Officials.
  • Submit suggestions for potential NeuroMab targets here.

Want to know how other researchers have used NeuroMabs?

  • We have a list of over 3,000 publications that have cited NeuroMabs since 2006
  • Citations lists are available on individual NeuroMab product pages, available on
  • Direct links to PubMed ID's are included when available.
  • If you review our publications list and see that one of your publications in which you have cited the use of a NeuroMab is missing, please let us know by emailing us the full citation with PMID# and the specific NeuroMab clone(s) used.

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