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About Nucleus Biologics

Nucleus Biologics is a global provider of custom cell culture media and bioprocess solutions, reagents, and supplements for cell-based applications. Our mission is to speed the time from scientific discovery to cure by delivering innovative, transparent, and GMP products and services. From design to delivery, we offer an entire ecosystem of cell culture solutions that seamlessly interface with one another:


  • Formulation and GMP services: Led by our experts, our end-to-end services include media and buffer design and optimization, process development, qualification and validation, commercial-scale GMP manufacturing, and quality and regulatory support.
  • Digital platforms: Simplify the process of custom media design, customization, ordering, and tracking with NB-AIR™ and NB-Lux™.
  • Innovative instruments: Solubilize your custom media and bioprocess solutions on site with Krakatoa™ media maker for the ultimate in optimization, reducing costs and bringing sustainability to your lab.
  • Preoptimized reagents and media: Take your cells further with preoptimized supplements, reagents, and media designed to improve cell performance and streamline downstream processing.


Cell culture solutions play a critical role in the success of cell-based experimentation. Our portfolio of products and services can empower your project’s journey.

10929 Technology Place
San Diego CA 92127
P: (858) 251-2010

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