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Synaptic Systems strives to provide you with the best antibodies in neuroscience and cell biology. We collaborate with renowned scientists and market their antibodies. Our antibodies are well characterized and known for their quality. We are constantly adding new products and offer attractive licensing conditions. 
Company History

Synaptic Systems was founded by German scientists

In 1997, Synaptic Systems was founded by well known scientists of the Max-Planck Institute Goettingen. Due to the high demand for their well established, high quality antibodies against synaptic proteins, we started business to provide these research reagents to the scientific community world wide.

In 2002, we established our own fully equipped research laboratory which allows product refinement and the development of new antibodies. To date, Synaptic Systems offers one of the largest collections of antibodies against synaptic and neuroscience related proteins and a growing panel of antibodies for cell biology, histopathology, and high resolution microscopy. Many of these antibodies have established themselves as reference products with numerous, high impact publications. 

Synaptic Systems enlarges company pipeline

Over the years, our antibody portfolio has been supplemented by selected kits and probes like photolabile calcium chelators and the unique and innovative fixable membrane dyes (mCLINGs) compatible with downstream immunostaining applications.

Synaptic Systems invests in NanoTag Biotechnologies

In 2015, Synaptic Systems provides NanoTag with venture capital to start up the company. NanoTag is specialized in the development of camelid single domain antibodies. These new innovative products comprise primary and secondary reagents and complement the existing Synaptic Systems antibody portfolio.

Synaptic Systems introduces HistoSure

In 2017, we introduced our HistoSure product line. HistoSure antibodies have been specifically developed for use in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues. Like all SYSY products, HistoSure antibodies are exclusively available under the Synaptic Systems brand. They are produced and thoroughly tested in our own facilities to guarantee the best quality and reliability. HistoSure antibodies are subject to our special HistoSure Quality Guidelines (see: Validation of HistoSure antibodies). 

Synaptic Systems offers customized antibody services

Our Synaptic Systems antibody development pipeline is also available as a custom monoclonal antibody service to explore tailor-made antibody solutions matching your needs and budget.
A close collaboration with academic institutions and our customers has always been a priority to combine the experience of our highly skilled staff with the expertise of our partners in their special fields of research.

Quality and Transparency

Quality guarantee

We are very much aware that only high-quality research reagents provide reliable scientific data. Our dedication is therefore to continuously improve the quality of our products and services. All our products are produced and thoroughly tested in our own facilities to guarantee the best quality and reliability (see: Antibody Validation). 

Product transparency 

The widespread practice of selling the same antibody (e.g. OEM material) under different brand names leads to an undesirable redundancy in the research antibody market. Believing they are buying different products, the customer may unknowingly purchase the same material several times from different suppliers, which is often a waste of time, money, and other valuable resources.
We have therefore made it a principle to sell our antibodies exclusively under the Synaptic Systems brand to ensure maximum transparency and traceability.

Scientific support

Our scientists, who develop and validate the products and therefore know them best, are also responsible for technical support.This guarantees the best possible assistance with technical and methodological questions.

International reputation

Following this strategy, Synaptic Systems has managed to establish an excellent international reputation and many long-term customer relationships based on trust and mutual appreciation throughout the world.

Rudolf-Wissell-Str. 28
D-37079 Goettingen GERMANY
P: 49-551505560
F: 49-55150556384

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