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Antigenic SpecificitySortilin
Host SpeciesRat
Reactive Specieshuman, rat
IsotypeIgG2a, κ
Formatperoxidase (HRP) conjugate
Size100 µg
ApplicationsWestern Blot (WB), IHC-P
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DescriptionSortilin was originally purified from human brain tissue and was identified as a new lipoprotein receptor, which was later identified as a multifunctional sorting receptor of the VPS10P-domain receptor family. Although Sortilin is predominately expressed in neurons of the central and the peripheral nervous systems, it is also expressed in metabolic tissues including liver. Sortilin functions as a sorting receptor in the Golgi compartment and as a clearance receptor on the cell surface. Sortilin is critical for lipid metabolism, and it has been implicated in lipid disorders. Sortilin is also an APOE receptor implicated in Alzheimer disease.
ImmunogenHuman SORT1 recombinant protein (327-638 a.a.) expressed in E. coli.
Other Names100 kD NT receptor
Gene, Accession #Gene ID: 6272
Catalog #852104
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