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Antigenic SpecificityHuman IFN-gamma
Host SpeciesMouse
Reactive Specieshuman
Size?1 mg
ApplicationsELISpot, ELISA
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DescriptionSpecificity: Native and recombinant IFN-γ. This monoclonal antibody enables sensitive and specific detection of human IFN-γ in immunoassays such as ELISA and ELISpot. We recommend 1-D1K as capture antibody in ELISA and ELISpot in combination with detection antibody 7-B6-1. The monoclonal antibody 7-B6-1 is available biotinylated, and conjugated to ALP and HRP.
Other NamesInterferon
Gene, Accession #Gene ID: 3458
Catalog #3420-3-1000
Priceplease inquire
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Product Specific ReferencesTagawa, T., et al. (2016). Epstein-Barr viral miRNAs inhibit antiviral CD4+ T cell responses targeting IL-12 and peptide processing. The Journal of experimental medicine. (, N. K., et al. (2018). Cytokines concentrations in serum samples from allergic children-Multiple analysis to define biomarkers for better diagnosis of allergic inflammatory process. Immunobiology. (, C., et al. (2007). The length of lipids bound to human CD1d molecules modulates the affinity of NKT cell TCR and the threshold of NKT cell activation. The Journal of experimental medicine. (, N., et al. (2018). Immune recognition of somatic mutations leading to complete durable regression in metastatic breast cancer. Nature medicine. (, P. A., et al. (2017). An immunogenic personal neoantigen vaccine for patients with melanoma. Nature. (
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