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Thermo Fisher Scientific™ offers over 40,000 highly validated Invitrogen™ antibodies covering 50 research areas.  Antibody choices range from primary and secondary antibodies, monoclonal and polyclonal, and conjugated and unconjugated.

Invitrogen™ primary antibodies are developed as recombinant, monoclonal or polyclonal using various animal species as hosts. Conjugated forms are also available for frequently researched targets.

The ABfinity™ antibodies are rabbit monoclonal recombinant antibodies developed by immunizing animals, screening for functionality, and, cloning the immunogen-specific antibody genes into high-level mammalian expression vectors.

Over 3,000 Invitrogen™ secondary antibodies with reactivity from mouse to Llama are also offered with high-quality conjugated and unconjugated options. They can be used for the fluorescent, colorimetric, and chemiluminescent detection of primary antibodies in a wide range of applications.

Invitrogen™ Superclonal™ Secondary Antibodies represent a breakthrough in recombinant antibody technology designed to provide precise and accurate detection of mouse, rabbit, and goat primary antibodies in a variety of applications. The proprietary screening and production process yields specific mixtures of recombinant goat or rabbit secondary antibodies that bind with the epitope precision of monoclonal antibodies, while also achieving the multi-epitope coverage (e.g., H+L) and sensitivity of polyclonal antibodies. Each Superclonal™ Secondary Antibody is formulated and optimized to help achieve excellent results in ELISA, western blot, and cell imaging.

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